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In the same way, our corporate, fervent prayers will loose chains of iniquity, injustice, darkness, and oppression and release captives to freedom. The account also gives us a picture of the power of prayer to loose the Church to her destiny, a Church bound by religion, humanism, and principalities of this age; chained between soldiers, imprisoned by iron gates, but set free by prayer. Peter was led by the angel through the gates and past the guard posts. The city gate opened of its own accord.

Jesus, you will remember, said that He was going to build His Church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it see Matthew No matter what the enemy has thrown at you, no matter what gates of iron may seem to block your path, this is the promise to the Church of Jesus Christ. Corporate watching prayer is God's awesome secret weapon.

Personal devotion, personal praise and prayer are powerful, but the corporate Body harmonizing in prayer and apostolic intercession releases authority to see cities taken overnight. I believe the end-time believing Church is on a rescue operation for millions of souls. We are on a rescue operation for our nation to come into revival. We are on a rescue operation for all the members of our family to be saved. We are on a rescue operation to see signs and wonders and the greater works restored to His Church, to confirm the Gospel message.

Jesus went, "as was His custom," up to the mountain to pray during the night watches see Luke Watching was commanded by God in keeping with the observance of Passover. That is where the spiritual concept originates. Jesus kept this observance as a regular way of prayer. It was this kind of prayer, prayer to effect salvation for the world, which caught the imagination of Jesus' closest friends. As they watched His style they said, "Teach us. We are taking back the night. We are reclaiming the territory formerly possessed by the early Church, prevailing in corporate prayer.

Hidden Power Of Prayer And Fasting

While the world sleeps, the watchmen are awake, routing the enemy, delivering the captives, and taking away the spoils of his kingdom. Individually and corporately we stretch ourselves out in prayer in a posture of expectation until Christ comes. The final amen to all Christian praying from the days of those first apostles onward is the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All Christian prayer prevails in the expectation of His appearing.

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We are praying toward the consummation of His will, which is His Kingdom established and a new Heaven, a new earth, filled with His new creation. About Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda: Drs. Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda have served together in full time ministry for over thirty years, reaching the nations with the Gospel accompanied by signs and wonders. Hundreds of thousands have come to salvation and thousands have received healing from critical diseases like AIDS and cancer through their ministry.

Many of these miracles have been medically documented, including healings of Stage IV cancer, the lame, deaf and blind as well as the resurrection from the dead of a six-year-old boy. Through the The Watch television program produced by Mahesh Chavda Ministries, Mahesh and Bonnie reach a potential audience of a billion households every week with the saving message of Jesus and are equipping Believers to walk in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

We cannot afford to be prayerless. The victories we need to win will not be won with fleshly tickling of the five senses or programs that touch the mind but not the soul. Prayer is the single most important ministry of the Church, yet much of today's Church is powerless because it is prayerless. The Lord has issued a renewed call to corporate fasting and intercessory prayer for the deliverance and healing of the nations in preparation for His return.

Answering this call to battle is not for the faint of heart, but for those who truly want to make a difference from the Kingdom of God in their world. Your prayer life will never be the same as you are strengthened with the power of God as you pray. Do you want more intimate time with God? Want to feel more connected in your prayer life? My life radically changed after a retreat in high school and God keeps surprising me every day.

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The memorare goes like this: Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided. Praying with Mary in Scripture Lastly, find the heart of Mary in scripture. About the Author. Sarah McMahon My life radically changed after a retreat in high school and God keeps surprising me every day. I have you app and listen to the affirmations but still find it hard to know if me wanted to leave is my ING or my Ego…. See you in the workshop this Saturday!

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Thank you for reminding me in the most beautiful way that we are all miracles and that we can all have miraculous lives. You are a gift wrapped in rustic gold with a crimson ribbon to the world. You have inspired me in so many ways. Await my copy of your Miracles Now in the mail. Just less than two months now. Thank you, Arch Angel Gabrielle — you spirit junkie you. Forever grateful. Would love to know the music that you love ,as the songs you played there could of moved mountains thank you from the bottom of my heart???? Such a great post, Gabby. Love every single point.

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Look forward to seeing you in LA in a few weeks! Shine on, Gabby! You inspire with your self honesty and commitment to leave no stone unturned in your voyage to eradicate all fears. So excited for the new book. I went off the spiritual path and this is timely for me to reconnect.