Ryan FR-1 Fireball - MINI in action No. 5

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F 2461 Ryan FR-1 Fireball Tests at Lindbergh Field San Diego

Still looks good on deck Dave. Doing a little spring cleaning.


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Thanks Gents. Only one prototype was built.

"World's Fastest Fireball" - the Ryan FR-4

On 2 December , orders for production FR-1s were placed, with a follow-up order of 1, additional fighters in January All of the contracts were contingent on the aircraft successfully completing carrier trials. One squadron, VF, received its first Fireballs in March , but they never saw combat. The following month the pilots qualified and were on pre-embarkation leave when the Japanese surrendered. The squadron was decommissioned on October 18, with all pilots and aircraft transferred to VF On November 6, , a Fireball of VF became the first aircraft to land under jet power on an aircraft carrier, albeit without prior planning.

The squadron was attempting to qualify its pilots for carrier operations during this time, but only 14 of its 22 pilots made the six required takeoffs and landings.

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A number of accidents occurred when the nose gear failed on landing, but the pilots were at least partly responsible as they were slamming the nose gear onto the deck after landing on the main gear. The squadron qualified on the escort carrier Bairoko in March , but nose gear problems persisted and cut the cruise short. One Ensign collided with the target banner during gunnery practice and spun into the water.

A few months later, the squadron commander was performing a barrel roll when his wing broke off and he struck another Fireball, killing both pilots. VF-1E conducted carrier qualification in March aboard the escort carrier Badoeng Strait and only eight pilots successfully qualified, not least because the FR-1s were proving to be too fragile to endure repeated carrier landings. During one brief deployment in June aboard Rendova , one aircraft broke in two during a hard landing.

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After the withdrawal of the type from service, except for a few examples retained for modifications and testing, the FR-1s were scrapped. FR-1 : Single-seat fighter aircraft: 66 built. All styrene parts were removed with nippers and cleaned up with a fresh 11 X-Acto blade and a sheet of grit Alpha Abrasives. Resin parts were removed from their pouring stubs with a razor saw and cleaned up using small files plus and grit grit Alpha Abrasives. The nicely detailed main instrument panel was further detailed by the addition of instrument faces and placards.

The completed cockpit and rear turbojet engine, represented by a single piece, resin tail plug, were captured between the fuselage halves, which in turn were joined with Tamiya Thin Cement. As the instructions suggest, I placed a sizeable amount of lead in the nose, as this model really wants to sit on its butt when assembled.

More on that later………………………. The nicely detailed resin wheel wells required a fair amount of modification with a tool of persuasion read rasp file in order to fit between the single piece full-span, lower wing and upper left and right wing halves. I next tackled the placement of the resin nose wheel well within the fuselage and a slot provided in the lower wing. This is not a strong point of the kit as fitting the nose well required a fair amount of modification read tool of persuasion again and repeated test fitting.

With the nose wheel well issue solved, the fuselage mated with the assembled wing nicely requiring only a little filler at the wing roots. Next in-line was the round motor sorry. Here the kit really shines as the resin engine case and cylinders are nicely cast and respond well to additional detailing with lead wire, painting, and oil washes. The completed engine mounted easily onto the fuselage.

Similarly, the cowl fit around the engine with little-to-no fuss. The horizontal stabilizer-elevator assemblies composed of upper and lower halves were added and the butt-joins required pinning with brass wire but little filling. The single-piece canopy required a fair amount of modification, filling, and blending to get a passable fit. This was especially true around the front wind screen. The landing gear parts legs, wheels, and gear doors required a thorough clean up and freshening with micro files before priming.

It was at this point in the build that a few simple tests revealed the model had a pronounced tendency to sit on its arse: sigh. Then, add some more, really. But first, how about a little Vallejo White Primer to start things off:. Prior to priming, the model was wiped down with a lint-free Kimwipe tissue saturated with Denatured Alcohol for cleaning glass; not the fuel version. This was applied with at 15psi with H-S Evolution airbrush fitted with a 0.