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Chapter Working with Events. Chapter Project Management. Chapter Managing Collections. Chapter Online Store. Chapter Online School. Chapter Web Site Enhancements. Chapter Company Site Tools. NET Quick Reference. C: Using the CD. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. To get to SQL , can we do one upgrade? Or do we have to upgrade to SQL , and then upgrade to ? I am hoping that we get a big performance boost from SQL or These will be bit systems, and with newer hardware, we will benefit from more memory and faster processors and faster storage maybe even flash.

Yes, you can do a one-step upgrade, and you should see a perf boost generalized statement — not a guarantee. Same query for express edition as well? I recently had to plan a process for and am in the middle of migrating almost Sql Server servers, and you can actually go from Sql Server directly to Sql Server , skipping the Sql Server upgrade, and then upgrade from to We must rewrite the functionality on SSIS from scratch. But I think the moment to change is comming fast. For example, now we are installing our new servers with Windows Server R2. Perhaps Enterprise Manager has stopped working on new versions of Windows or MMC… Of course, any help on this mmc craches on Server would be great!

Jortx, We are having the same issue, have you figured this out? Worst offenders are government bodies where the prevailing thinking remains if it aint broke….

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Your email address will not be published. About Contact Us. Paul S. Randal In Recovery You guys still use SQL Server ? By: Paul Randal. Yes, really.

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So what? Several times in the last week I've heard of people denigrating anyone who is still running SQL Server paraphrasing : How can they possibly still be running on a version that old? And the like. Let me give you three examples: A client of ours builds software that runs casinos.

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If you run a casino in the state of Washington, you have no choice except to run SQL Server as that's the only version of SQL Server that the gaming board has certified. A level-1 trauma center whose internal pharmacies run pick-n-place robots that are controlled from SQL Server A major retailer that runs SQL Server in several thousand stores across the country on a wide variety of hardware.

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