In the Shadow of Evil (Neil Paget, Book 9)

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He travelled to England with Aman and his Mother who are refugees to escape from the war. I like the drawings in this book because it helps me imagine the story. In the description all the characters sounded realistic. I think that this book is suitable for boys and girls age It takes you to the place where your dreams take place, The Neverland!

Everyone knows of Peter Pan, so when Wendy wakes up she recognises the well-known figure. Peter takes Wendy, John and Michael, causing destruction in their home. When they get to The Neverland, they have a disaster! Old Captain Hook is lying in wait, and Tinkerbell just had a fall out with Peter, and is already hating Wendy!

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What will become of them? Beetle Boy M. Leonard Reviewed by Leo Duncan, age It is a very enjoyable read and I highly recommend it. He immediately felt bad for hitting it.

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This is one of my favourite books out of many of the novels I have read. To describe this book in three words Quirky-Funny- Adventure. This bit I find odd… they are living in a mountain of, tea cups! It is about a boy called Peter who is 13 years old and is in charge of Tich, a pit pony. Peter and his father work down the local mine. He sets out to make Peter look bad and in doing so harms poor Tich. What dangers wait along the way?

In The Shadow of Evil

What happens when Peter finally finds and then rescues his Uncle Bill? Is Peter in bad trouble when he finally gets home? It may be more suitable for a boy. I would recommend this story to any animal lover as it tells the story of a young fox cub named Isla, who is used to playing in the woods with her brother Pirie and living with Ma, Fa and Greatma.

She decides to search for her family on the deathway and on the way she meets a friend Siffrin who decides to help Isla, but is he all he seems to be? She soon settles in to her new home, and the Circus performers soon seem like family. A first-class mystery soon arrives full of odd suspects and clues. After a few dead-ends they find the thief, but have Poppy, Kip and Ingrid gone a step too far, and will they survive at gunpoint…?

An excellent, quirky book with many twists and turns has won a well-deserved award already. I am sure it will be a huge success for first-time author Laura Wood. She has to survive school on her own and try to ignore the mean taunts of Lauren and her gang. After the Angelo sisters move in odd coincidences start to occur. Perhaps it has only just begun. I think that it is a book that is easy to relate to, and it has a reassurance to not give up hope, even when things are looking down.

In this book, brothers and sister Anne, Dick and Julian travel to Kirrin Bay, expecting a nice, peaceful holiday. Little did they know it was going to be much more than that! On meeting their cousin Georgina, more commonly known as George, they learn about a small island at the entrance of the bay, called Kirrin Island. George has always wanted to be a boy: she wears her curly hair cut short and boys clothes. Kirrin Island belongs to George. She has rowed there many times, along with her beloved dog Timothy, yet she has never discovered the joy of sharing it with others.

The Famous Five decide to try and find the ingots; but they are not alone! Enemies lurks round every corner. This book is suitable for anyone who loves ponies and is age years. I thought Georgia a really nice girl, who shows you some of the things you have to do to look after a pony. So she helps at a stable and gets to ride a pony for cleaning out the stables.

One day she gets sent to a summer school and while she is out and about sees a wild-looking pony. The pony is hurt by the owners granddaughter and Georgia and her friend Dan rescued the pony and took it back to the stables. But when the nasty granddaughter finds out, she does bad things to try to get the pony back.

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Will she get the pony back? Will Lily the pony trust humans again? Are you a pony lover like me, if so this book will be suitable for you. This is a story about a dentist and an octopus. Really, you want him to get on with the story. One of the main characters is Michael, whose father was made redundant from a brick factory. Unfortunately, his mother worked in the office at the same brick factory and she was made redundant too! Surprisingly, the reader is swept off for an amazing adventure, where Michael starts sailing around the world in a yacht called the Peggy Sue.

He falls overboard at night and gets swept onto an island in the Pacific.

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The next day he wakes up to hear his dog Stella who was swept away with him lapping water thirstily on the ledge above. He finds some fish but it is raw, yuk but is food, and some red bananas which are amazing! He meets Kensuke, a Japanese person who escaped from a bomb in the world war. Kensuke had been washed up on the island at the age of twenty and was now seventy! They make good friends and if you want to know what they do, next read the book!

The book is suitable for age 7 and above. He has to do this to rescue his mother from King Polydectes. The village priest gave Perseus a magical sword that could cut through anything and a shield so he can see Medusa in the reflection. This story is a Greek myth. I could read this chapter book all by myself, although there are some difficult words. This book is about a fairy called Pial, who is one of the Ocean fairies.

She has a pet penguin called Scamp, and he guards one of the pieces of the Magical Conch Shell, which was stolen from the Ocean Gala by the goblins. In this book Rachel and Kirsty the main characters of all the Rainbow Fairy books help Pia find the missing piece of shell that belongs to her. They must race to find this before the goblins do! I like this book because I believe in fairies.

Also, I like it because you feel really tense because when the goblins come, they are really near the shell! Did you know this book has a lot of magic in it? I found it interesting and quite funny in places. She decided to take him home to live with her and then the fun starts. It shows what fun and love an older dog can give and that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks!! I give Rescuing Gus 5 stars. The book introduced to me by Scarthin Books, is set in a fantasy tale around Halloween. While Grimalkin and Tom Ward are on their mission to stop the Fiend from coming back into the world, Grimalkin fights another witch assassin called Katrina.

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This book is interesting, because lots of unexpected things happened in it; just when you thought everything was going nicely something terrible happens, and you are really surprised. Most children from the age of who are fans of fantasy fiction would like this book because it is very clever and the writer has done very well. So far, I have read 7 of the 15 books in the series, and am looking forward to completing it. After reading some of the other books this book has made more sense, as it makes references to some of them.

In the Shadow of Evil

A young girl, named Gwen, has wanted a pony for as long as she can remember. Gwen starts helping older people to get their shopping and wash the dishes and all sorts, just to save up to buy a pony. One musty day Gwen has to do the shopping for an old lady, called Mrs Tilney. So Gwen goes over to see to her chores and she gets a big surprise: Mrs Tilney owns a pony! Gwen comes back after a ride to find that Mrs Tilney has had a stroke. Heartbroken, Gwen has to learn to live without Teasel. Or will Teasel find her way back to Gwen?

I loved reading the book!