Hair care : from physiology to formulation

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Or it will result in dry, coarse, dull and frizzy hair. Some of the costs to include are the container, ingredients and labor making the shampoo formulation.

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Determine your wholesale and retail price. If the cost is too high, adjust the raw materials and container to fit your needs.

Sustainable Use sustainable ingredients; environmentally friendly, biodegradable. For the best foam use a combination of surfactants that work together. A main surfactant is usually paired with a secondary surfactant. The secondary surfactant assists with increasing the formulation thickness and foam and decreases harshness.

Determine the percent active in the surfactant. The supplier should provide the active percent. In a rapidly changing world, requirements and consumer needs are ever-changing, which increase the demands on each and every one of us. This effects the demands placed on companies and brands. Instead of quick reactions - we need to be the fastest. Instead of being generalists - we claim for specialists. Instead of reactionaries - proactivists. Instead of guessing, envisioning.

Filled with benefits only the African earth and sun make possible, this cold-pressed natural oil illuminates hair and nourishes skin without any greasy after feel. Beautiful to the touch, the oil delights with its ultra-light texture. It is very light, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed. Its one-pot process offers formulators a faster, simplified and energy-efficient manufacturing process to develop oil-in-water emulsions with a light and velvety after-feel. Plantasens Flash 80 INCI: Dodecane is a lightweight emollient characterized by fast spreading and a fabulous satiny after-feel.

Allured Publishing Corporation Hair Care From Physiology to Formulation

Skin care products formulated with Plantasens Flash 80 provide short playtime, a luminous but not glossy film and delightful finish. In deodorants and make-up, but also in hair care products such as leave-in conditioners, it combines superlight feel with ultrafast spreading and absorption and minimal oiliness. It offers a natural alternative to light cosmetic emollients like D5 and isohexadecane and enables a powerful response to consumer demand for airy textures and cushy sensory impressions. Skin care products formulated with Plantasens Flash provide medium to long playtime, a film that is luminous without being glossy and a highly enjoyable finish.

The emollient is an ideal candidate for formulations designed for longer spreading times and superlight and slim textures, for instance in make-up and sun and body care, but also in shampoos and masks.

Shampoo Formulation The Basics - Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

Plantasens Flash is excellently suited for products for dry and sensitive skin and promotes efficient delivery of pigments. It is especially recommended for creams and including sun care formulations. With its rich and creamy foam, it still remains easy to rinse off and leaves a gently conditioned and moisturized after feel. Especially suitable for dry, damaged and sensitive hair and skin. Due to its sensory profile it is recommended for conditioning, repair and baby shampoos as well as pampering facial cleansers. Discover Value with GlucoTain. To learn more, click here. This sugar surfactant offers formulations a boost through light and fluffy foam, easy rinse-off, and a squeaky-clean skin feel.

Suitable for all skin types, GlucoTain Clear provides an ideal solution for refreshing, vitalizing shower products, hand wash, and 2-in-1 shower and hair products. It supports the development of sulfate-free and CAPB-free formulations, and with its creamy foam, it leaves a squeaky-clean and nourished after-feel. This powerful sensory additive adds a deep caring after-feel to your rinse-off formulations.

It is ideal for both cold processable and clear formulations. Hostapon SCI- 85 C INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a mild, anionic surfactant which gives high, dense and creamy foams making it suitable choice in the production of cream shampoos, body washes, etc. Excellent pearlizing shine at low use concentrations due to a special product manufacturing process. It delivers excellent silky shine to shampoos at low use concentrations due to a special manufacturing process. This multi-purpose rheology modifier pre-neutralized gives formulations an excellent sensory benefit and is ideal for cream gels and aftershave products with melting sensorics, e.

The ideal polymer for formulations with active ingredients. Stabilizes particles like pearls, organic and inorganic pigments, zinc pyrithione, oil droplets and air bubbles in surfacant systems, synergestic effects with biopolymers. Aristoflex Velvet INCI: Polyacrylate Crosspolymer is a multi-purpose rheology modifier delivering soft, velvet skin feel and unique benefits in a wide range of formulations. Multi-purpose modifier delivering soft, velvety skin feel and unique benefits in a wide range of formulations, excellent solvent compatibility, particle stabilization, easy to add at any formulation step.

Includes color index, lighting evaluation tool and design software. Set of two guides, coated and uncoated, plus a supplement containing the new colors on coated and uncoated stock.


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  • The burgeoning of a science of cosmetics, a technology of cosmetics, without the abandonment of what must in part remain a craft, a skill, and an art, brought forth several excellent books in various languages, which sought to summarize the state of the knowledge. Among these Cosmetics: Science and Technology, published for the firsttime in , was unique in that it was a cooperative effort of sixtyone authors, almost all of whom were employed by firms manufacturing the products described.

    In this aspect lies both the potential strength and possible hazard of such an undertaking. These are, in the order of appearance in that book, the following: cleansing creams and lotions, emollient creams and lotions, hormone creams, baby toiletries, hand creams and lotions, skin lighteners and bleach creams, suntan preparations, beauty masks, foundation makeup, face powders, rouge, lipsticks, eye makeup, dentifrices, and mouthwashes.

    Volume two contains descriptive material on the manufacture and formulation of an additional eighteen products and classes of products. These are, in the order of appearance in that book, the following: shaving preparations, preshave and aftershave preparations, depilatories, shampoos, hair-grooming preparations, permanent waving products, hair straighteners, bleaches and related products, hair conditioners and related products, antiperspirants and deodorants, aerosol cosmetics, aerosol hair products, bath preparations, nail lacquers and removers, fingernail elongators and accessory nail preparations, eye lotions, fragrance, and emulsified and solid fragrances.

    Volume three contents chapters on the physiology of the skin and hair, the physiology of sweat, the use of colors in cosmetics, problems of quality control, preservation and psychological testing, historical information, legal information: in short, all that the editors deem important on the subject described in our title, Cosmetics: Science and Technology, other than the manufacture and formulation of the individual products, as covered in the first two volumes.

    Balsam , founder and president of Standard Aromatics, Inc.

    I am Interested. Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry, 3rd Edition. By Randy Schueller Practical knowledge for the cosmetics industry. Coloring The Cosmetic World. Faulkner Hardcover Whether you are a seasoned veteran of pigment chemistry or a novice stepping gingerly into cosmetic formulation, this book is a valuable reference source from an industry-respected authority on color that will get you moving toward successful pigment usage. Request Callback. Chemistry and Technology of the Cosmetics. Written by S. Williams and W. Schmitt, Chemistry And Technology Of The Cosmetics , the book provides up-to-date information of the toiletries and cosmetics industries in an easy form.