Control System Power and Grounding Better Practice

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The pulsing duration can be set by the user in the software. Menu, Edit, Escape and Enter buttons to navigate the operating software and interface screens to program system parameters and alarm settings. The unit should have an event log and an alarm log with date and time recording. The alarm log should record any ground fault events as well as the voltage and current readings.

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The event log should record any testing, pulsing activation, etc. A minimum of records in either log is required. Ethernet port for Communications. This allows system parameters and conditions to be remotely accessed and viewed. Under or over-current through the neutral b. Under or over-voltage on the neutral c. Specific phase faulted d. Failure in resistor path.

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The equipment shall include a Sensing Resistor Circuit to detect and annunciate breakdowns in the neutral through resistor to ground path. Additionally, the function will be tuned to detect only the fundamental frequency component to avoid false alarms. The pulsing cycle shall be adjustable by the user.

This shall be interlocked with the fault detection system to prevent measurement during a ground fault. The clamp must be capable of enveloping a minimum 6?

Control System Power and Grounding Better Practice

A short circuiting switch should be provided, along with a carrying case. The handle must be insulated for use on 4, volt system. Wire numbers are to be on adhesive labels at each end of the wire. Text may utilize an abbreviated legend, as long as that legend is identified on the wiring diagram.

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These instructions are to cover normal, test, and fault conditions. Toggle SlidingBar Area. High Resistance Grounding Specifications.

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