Cognitive Workload and Fatigue in Financial Decision Making

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Nonlinear dynamical systems for theory and research in ergonomics. Stephen J. References Publications referenced by this paper. FAQ Policy.

Human decision making and our cognitive biases part 2 - confidence and knowledge

About this book This book presents new theory and empirical studies on the roles of cognitive workload and fatigue on repeated financial decisions. Show all. Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink.

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Also, the evaluation tool of mental fatigue in the current study was more specialized and included more dimensions of mental fatigue than the instruments used in other studies. Therefore, the type of assessment tool may explain the differences in outcomes. In this study, the average number of shifts, as one of the influencing factors on mental fatigue, was equal to On the other hand, nurses need to be fully alert and maintain this alertness at all shift times to offer better patient care.

Therefore, it can be argued that it is essential to pay attention to working pattern and reducing the number of shifts because it was also revealed in Kato et al. In a study conducted by Jones et al. This difference can be attributed to the time of evaluation. On the other hand, fatigue in nurses was influenced by responsibilities outside the workplace, such as family tasks and parenting.

Kazemi et al. Indeed, there was no significant effect half an hour before movement. In this study, the degree of workload among nurses was higher than the average level, which is consistent with the findings reported by Padilha et al. Similar to Zheng et al. Organizational factors and sufficient human resources were among the effective factors on workload and, according to the average nursing shifts, one can conclude that the number of nurses is required to increase to reduce workload Shortage of human resources is among the factors contributing to high workload and burnout 32 , In a study undertaken by Smith 34 , NASA-TLX was used to examine mental workload in computer users of a telecommunication company, and it was revealed that there is a direct relationship between the mental fatigue caused by long working hours and mental workload.

Although nurses deal with less cognitive tasks than computer users, it is necessary to pay attention to the issues of workload and fatigue among nurses. Excessive workload 35 , 36 , little opportunity for patient care 37 and the high ratio of patients to nurses have been introduced among the main reasons for reduced turnover and displacement among nurses High workload has been identified as one of the effective factors in stress 39 , job dissatisfaction 40 and burnout Workload is a multi-factorial variable in such a way that factors including nursing team, the type of wards and units and hospital can be effective in workload in addition to the factors pertaining to patient care.

Since high workload can lead to the incidence of work-related accidents, measures should be taken to decrease the degree of workload. Increased number of nurses and their displacement among various departments and wards can be effective in reducing their workload and mental fatigue. In this study, demographic and underlying factors were not recognized to cause mental fatigue; hence, future studies in this area are recommended.

Questionnaire-based studies for assessing nurses using objective methods are also essential for reaching better results. Iran J Nurs.

Cognitive Workload and Fatigue in Financial Decision Making |

Group cohesion and organizational commitment: Protective factors for nurse residents' job satisfaction, compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction, and burnout. J Prof Nurs. Berry L, Curry P. Nursing workload and patient care: Understanding the value of nurses, the effects of excessive workload, and how nurse-patient ratios and dynamic staffing models can help. Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions; The factors associated with the burnout syndrome and fatigue in Cypriot nurses: A census report.

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Int J Nurs Stud. J Health Saf Work. Work schedules and fatigue: A prospective cohort study. Occup Environ Med. Association between nursing workload and mortality of intensive care unit patients. J Nurs Scholarsh. A self-assessment questionnaire for mental fatigue and related symptoms after neurological disorders and injuries.

Brain Inj.

Cognitive Workload and Fatigue in Financial Decision Making

Fatigue and sleep quality in nurses. Mental fatigue, work and sleep. J Psychosom Res.

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Int J Ind Ergonom. Fan J, Smith AP. The impact of workload and fatigue on performance. International symposium on human mental workload: Models and applications.