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Tags : Highlanders!

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Estate manager, ex-military, obscure entailment, Curse! Castles and lairds! Getting shit done! He loves his job. Stupid pesky obscure relative dropping off and leaving him a dukedom! He has to win over the townsfolk of his estate in the Highlands. I love stories that have to do with taking over a bad estate and making it right. Or winning the respect of the townsfolk. I thought Forrester was a little confusing. He went from hardened soldier to Lothario in two seconds flat. But whatevs, fun and games!

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Some Like it Scot is my favorite. Love that dude. Perhaps the second of the series will be better. It boasts of a Highlander rebel abducting a proper English miss. My mom, my sister Katy and I all read romance novels, and sometimes we play the game What Was That One where we throw out vague plot lines of romance novels and see if we can puzzle out which book, series, or author they came from. Me : WTF this plot line. Too complicated plot lines are the worst.

Katy : Oh yeah. Katy : … Or the one where everyone thinks the main character is a beautiful gold digging whore because she was poor and she married a very rich old guy but it turned out in the end she was a virgin because the old guy was gay and he and his partner needed a beard. The Secret Affair, Mary Balough. Katy : I think so!

Me : Did you read the one where the problem was he was too big and so she went to a prostitute and got graduating dildos? Surrender to a Wicked Spy, Celeste Bradley. Tags : Dukes, bastards, surprise guardianship of children, woman business owner, governesses, rat, Shakespeare. The amount of backstory in this book is out of control. This was the book that inspired my conversation with my sister. Oh my God, will everyone from a million books ago get out of this book? The main character, Reeve, a bastard, has the most convoluted backstory ever. Reeve pursues the owner of a governess agency, Eugenia, who is the daughter of a marquis or whatever.

She is from a book that I have read that I did like: Duchess by Night.

It has a crossdressing plot! Love those. He kidnaps her for the duel purpose of 1 getting his unruly siblings in check and 2 bedding her. The fact that Reeve did not figure out Eugenia is high born until the ending was contrived to the point of being ridiculous. Why was it hidden? Because it was their only conflict, of course. Then he does one of those grand gestures. How charming. Up in every one of the Desperate Duchesses series, and, apparently, beyond.

You know when an author has a hardon for a character?

Brazen Angel

James has a hardon for her character the Duke of Villiars and I have just about done had it with that bitch. Being the star character, the Wonder Boy , usually makes it less likely that I will like them. Women want him! Men want to be him! The Duke of Villiars is even worse than the normal Wonder Boy. I am not interested in his dramatic dressing and perfectly executed bow.

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Nothing matters to him. He has a billion bastard children. Why is this okay, again?

That plot line spanned the first couple books of Desperate Duchesses and it made me so fucking mad whenever I ran across it. How am I supposed to like a character that does that?

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And not only like him, but allow him to be the Wonder Boy throughout the series? I need to step away from Eloisa James. Just not the latest ones. Or any of the books that ever mention the Duke of Villiars. Tags : Paranormal romance, vampires, Dracula, telepathy, electric powers, fire powers, pre-paired couple, vampire marriage.

Brazen Angel

Well pay up, me, because I was right. The beginning starts with her fighting for underwear drawer space. Not only that, they get married! Gentleman Spy Bold, dashing Webb Dryden remembered the reckless hoyden who'd pursued him as a child. But this Lily, transformed into a woman who stole his breath away seemed frustratingly indifferent to his charms. Posing as her fiance, Webb planned to work undercover, but Lily's brazen ways commanded the attention of Napoleon's intrigue-filled court. Suddenly Lily was more than Webb bargained for, a beauty who touched his heart and haunted his dreams, inciting passions that imperiled their very lives Brazen Heiress.