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Locke read widely among them while teaching at Christ Church over the next few years. In , Locke became personal physician and adviser to Anthony Ashley Cooper, who later was appointed Earl of Shaftesbury. Through Shaftesbury's patronage, Locke earned some government posts and entered London's intellectual circles, all the while writing philosophy. He was one of the best-known European thinkers of his time when he died in In An Essay Concerning Human Understanding , Locke established the philosophy of empiricism, which holds that the mind at birth is a blank tablet.

Experience, Locke believed, would engrave itself upon the tablet as one grew. He felt humans should create theories according to experience and test them with experiments.

This philosophy helped establish the scientific method. Locke codified the principals of liberalism in "Two Treatises of Government" Search full-text index. Available Indexes Full-text Catalog Full view only.

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    4.2 Locke, Second Treatise of Government

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